There are many types of leaf guards available on the market.  Please let us know if you would like a quote on a different brand.

Leaf Relief

  • Never lift a single shingle!

  • Pre-drilled for quick, one-piece application with gutters!

  • 10' lengths install quickly over existing gutter fasteners!

  • Flexible flap for perfect, self-sealing fit every time!

  • Works with all roof types!

Leaf Proof

  • Ends gutter & downspout clogging!

  • Ends the danger of gutter cleaning!

  • Prevents water damage to your
    overhangs, siding and foundation!

  • Will not clog and collapse like screens!

  • Easily maintained from the ground!

Installation Benefits

  • Adjusts to any roof or gutter slope

  • Clips snap sections securely in place

  • Sections snap together without screws

  • Installs on all types of roofing

  • Available in 13 different colors: White,
    Grey, Charcoal, Linen, Cream, Clay,
    Sand, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Brown, Musket Brown,
    Black, and Forest Green. Also available in Copper.

Screened  Guards

This gutter guard can be installed on either 5″ or 6″ gutters. Screened gutter guards are not a guarantee that you will never have to clean your gutters again because small debris such as pine needles and roof grit can still pass through the pea sized holes. However, this debris usually rinses down without a problem although it is possible for it to collect depending on the type of trees you have.


The standard color for our screened gutter guard is mill finish (aluminum).